Manufacturer for heat shrink and cold shrink cable accessories

Wehnzhou Dasite Cable Accessories Co. specializes in the production of heat and cold shrink cable accessories that offer outstanding flame retardant and insulating performance. We provide customers with heat shrink sleeves, cable connectors, cable terminals, and much more. Even though these products are extremely simple in appearance and structure, they play a vital role in the performance, durability, and safety of electrical equipment used for countless purposes. Contact us today if you have any questions.

Our Range
  • Heat Shrink TubeHeat Shrink Tube
    1. Heat Shrink Cable JointHeat Shrink Cable Joint
      Heat Shrink Cable TerminationsHeat Shrink Cable Terminations
      Heat Shrink Cable Breakout BootHeat Shrink Cable Breakout Boot
      Cold Shrink Cable JointCold Shrink Cable Joint
      Cold Shrink Cable TerminationsCold Shrink Cable Terminations
      Cold Shrink Cable Breakout BootCold Shrink Cable Breakout Boot